Neurodiversity training for managers

Video based Neurodiversity training for managers. Support your team in having great conversations around neurodiversity in the workplace.


Neurodiversity training for your organisation that makes an immediate impact. We have built our Neurodiversity collection in collaboration with Do-It Solutions, and we’re on a mission to not only help managers understand what being neurodivergent means, but to take the fear out of management conversations with a neurodiversity dimension.

This collection starts by helping your teams understand what it means to be neurodivergent and moves to the ‘business end’ of management, helping teams with how a neuroinclusive organisation manages things like performance processes, recruitment, and change.

Designed to help your team with the ‘what’, the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of the conversation they are about to have, 10to3’s neurodiversity training videos will give them the tools and confidence they need to support their colleagues effectively.

Available as a standalone collection, part of our wider training offering or to be used in your current neurodiversity training initiatives, we are completely flexible in how we can deliver these videos in to your organisation. Take a look at some examples below, and drop the team a line to say hello if you’d like to chat. If you’re already sold – request a free trial here for access to the full collection of videos.

We're All Neurodiverse

… but we’re not all neurodivergent.  Here’s why.

Individual Challenges

Everyone has a unique combination of strengths and challenges.  What does this mean in the workplace?

Let's Talk Inclusively

Two workmates with different neurodiverse traits.  Now that’s a conversation worth having!

Some Neurodivergent Conditions

Key aspects and impacts of the principal neurodiverse conditions

The Race for Neurodiverse Talent

How to recruit neuroinclusively and create a winning team

Growing a Winning Neuroinclusive Culture

Creating a neuroinclusive ‘business as usual’

Managing Performance in a Neuroinclusive Organisation

How to create accountability and a fair opportunity to succeed

Employee Relations Processes in a Neuroinclusive Organisation

Looking at our processes through the neuroinclusivity lens

Managing Change in a Neuroinclusive Organisation

Achieving change the neuroinclusive way

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