In ‘How to Win the Race for Neurodiverse Talent’, we’re exploring how your organisation can get ahead in the race for talent by making your recruitment practices neuroinclusive.

This spring we are lucky enough to have teamed up with Professor Amanda Kirby of Do It Solutions, and Melanie Francis, founder of Neuroinclusive HR to bring you a unique offering to embrace Neurodiversity in your organisation (more on that here).

We are answering questions like:

  • What we mean by Neurodiversity
  • Should we be focussing on specific conditions?
  • How to signpost to attract Neurodiverse talent
  • Neuroinclusive job adverts and descriptions
  • Neuroinclusive application processes
  • Neuroinclusive interviews
  • Neuroinclusive onboarding and inductions

You can watch the full webinar below.

*Top tip* – use the ‘chapter markers’ to skip through each section.


Did you know that we are also producing a new suite of 10to3 videos focusing on helping your managers have confidence in conversations about Neurodiversity. You can sign up to be the first to hear about the new videos when they are ready below.


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