Cracking the Difficult Conversations

A series of videos to support managers to deal with the ‘tough bits’ of people management with confidence.


This suite of videos tackles some of the most difficult, difficult conversations that managers dread. What makes it special? The videos take the fear out of conversations like; when a team member is not quite themselves, when someone says or does something that is not okay, or when a manager has been performance managing someone and they are accused of bullying. Eek!

This collection is jam packed with practical techniques that make these difficult conversations easier to have, and will help your managers get the information they need to support their employees and that all important confidence boost.

By its very nature it will help your teams to have great quality people conversations consistently, and nip issues in the bud before they become problematic. Many of our clients embed these videos into their policies, procedures and their training initiatives to help towards fostering a supportive and inclusive working environment for everyone.

Take a look at some examples below, and drop the team a line to say hello if you’d like to chat. If you’re already sold – request a free trial here for access to the full collection of videos.

Riding the change rollercoaster

Is change happening to your team? This video walks you through ‘the change curve’ and gives you techniques in how to help your team at each stage.

Constructive questions

Your team member has a problem with their work. The temptation is to dive in and sort it for them. This video helps you to support them, but keep the...

Deliberate delegation

Delegation’s a brilliant tool to motivate your top performers, but to do that it needs to be done well. This video will help you to plan so that you delegate...

Giving great quality feedback

Feedback can feel challenging to deliver. The answer? Make it WHIFF. This video shows you how.

How to tell when performance management is not bullying

“You’re bullying me”. A phrase that managers dread. How to be confident that what you’re doing performance-management wise is not bullying.

Are you okay?

You can tell your team member is not themselves. They’re likely to shut you down if you ask if they’re okay. This video gives you a different way to do...

"I've got stuff going on at home"

How to tread the right line in supporting a team member when ‘outside work’ starts having an effect on ‘in work’. This video gives you guidance on how to do...

Managing the day to day when change is going on

Is a team member going through a period of change? Would you value some tips how to handle it? If so, this video’s for you.

Your right to manage conduct in your team

Poor attitude and disruptive behaviours are ‘up there’ on the list of least favourite management tasks. This video gives you confidence that you’ve a right to (and you’re right to)...

How to say 'that's not okay'

Or ‘no’ or ‘I don’t agree’. How to minimise the negative reaction to this sort of message? This video walks you through a technique.

Grievance or gripe?

A team member’s raised a concern. Does this need looking into as a grievance? This video guides your decision about the next steps.

Do I deal with this formally or informally (grievances)

You’re dealing with a grievance – but does it need to be dealt with formally, and if so, what will that look like? This video gives you a guide.

Respect at work: everyone’s in!

You deserve respect at work – we all do. This video explores the things that need to be eradicated if ‘respect’ is going to have a chance of thriving where...

Does ‘a respectful workplace’ mean we can’t have fun anymore?

A respectful workplace does not mean there’s no place for humour. This video explains why!

What do I do if I feel uncomfortable about something at work?

An action plan, to take action when something makes you feel uncomfortable at work.

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