Here’s some great content from our friends at Vista Their team of employment lawyers have taken a critical view at what you might call a ‘standard’ disciplinary and grievance outcome letter. The learnings are so useful we wanted to feature them in this section of the 10to3 blog.  

Disciplinary Outcome Letter

With so many decisions to make and to pull into one place, the Vista team’s top three tips are: 

  1. Be clear, specific and get to the point 
  1. Show your workings 
  1. Beware, the template letter! 

Their example disciplinary outcome template letter looks really good on the surface, but if you download the document (it’s free) there are so many improvements that will make your outcome letter match fit – every time.  

Read their guidance and download the (better) outcome letter here.

Grievance Outcome Letter

Again, the Vista team warn of the ‘standard’ template letter. They are often a tempting time saver, but they lend themselves to generic answers that are guilty of not addressing or getting to the heart of the issue that’s been raised. They also leave room for mistakes. 

Their Grievance outcome letter may look suitable on the surface, but the team have highlighted some suggested improvements to ensure that you always respond to a grievance thoroughly. 

Read & download the Grievance guidance here.

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