Making Hybrid Working Work

A series of videos to give techniques to managers who are managing a geographically disbursed team


Creating a great quality hybrid working environment

Managing a team where some work from site and others from home? This video gives you some communications strategies that will make this ‘hybrid’ environment a great one for all.

Meeting the challenges of remote working

Managing a remote team requires particular skills. This video gives you some tips and techniques.

Why we don't like change

If hybrid working has been a recent thing for your team, this video’s for you: It will help you anticipate and explain reactions and give you tips how to overcome...

Constructive questions

Supporting your team over video conference can become more ‘tell’ than it should. This video helps you to ask great quality questions so your team member keeps the ownership of...

Continuous development conversations

When everyone’s working remotely, keeping your team motivated and engaged can feel particularly challenging. Short term development goals will help. This video shows you how.

Setting objectives: when and why?

Objectives are key to fair performance evaluation when everyone’s not all in the same location. This video helps you plan objectives that will be meaningful measures for both you and...

Making your objective SMART

Clear objectives give team members who work remotely from each other the confidence they’re doing what’s needed. This video helps you make the objectives you set for your team S.M.A.R.T.

Deliberate delegation

Delegation, done well, can be an unsung hero in your toolkit to motivate your top performers. This video shows you how to delegate like a pro.

What changes can you make to your team's way of working?

This video’s an ‘early diagnosis tool’ when you need to make changes to your team member’s way of working. What steps are needed? This video will help you identify them.

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