A Respectful Workplace

A suite of short videos to guide managers through the key steps.


Respect at work: everyone’s in!

You deserve respect at work – we all do. This video explores the things that need to be eradicated if ‘respect’ is going to have a chance of thriving where...

Does ‘a respectful workplace’ mean we can’t have fun anymore?

A respectful workplace does not mean there’s no place for humour. This video explains why!

What do I do if I feel uncomfortable about something at work?

An action plan, to take action when something makes you feel uncomfortable at work.

How to tell when performance management is NOT bullying

“You’re bullying me”. A phrase that managers dread. How to be confident that what you’re doing performance-management wise is not bullying.

How to say 'that's not okay'

Or ‘no’ or ‘I don’t agree’. How to minimise the negative reaction to this sort of message? This video walks you through a technique.

Great quality feedback

Feedback is key to good quality performance management. What makes it great quality? Feedback that’s detailed and constructive. This video gives you a structure to achieve exactly that.

What is a disability?

It’s important to be able to recognise when an employee could have a disability. This video gives you an overview.

How can disability discrimination occur?

How to avoid discrimination taking place? Knowing how it can occur is the first step.

Are you okay?

You can tell your team member is not themselves. They’re likely to shut you down if you ask if they’re okay. This video gives you a different way to do...

Your right to manage

How to manage behaviour in your team informally and effectively.

Do i deal with this formally or informally?

In this video we explore the options available when a grievance is raised. We take a look what ‘going formal’ looks like – a sort of step by step guide.

Is this bullying or harassment?

Watch this video if the hearing involves an allegation of this most serious type of misconduct.

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