Recruiting The Right People​

A suite of short, animated videos giving your managers the recruitment training and techniques they need to make quality people decisions.


Recruitment training that gets to the point so that you can quickly find your next superstar(s). This suite of microlearning videos is designed to help your managers from the moment they need to write a job description, through to foolproof interviewing techniques and finding the best candidate.

This suite is best known for building confidence and supporting early resolution when you have a recruitment challenge. It really makes an impact on those first time interviewer nerves that we often see creeping in too.

The perfect addition to your already awesome recruitment training, these videos will be delivered to you via a mobile-ready microsite or wrapped up in SCORM for your own LMS, and can be used standalone or as part of your wider training initiatives.

Take a look at some examples below, and drop the team a line to say hello if you’d like to chat. If you’re already sold – request a free trial here for access to the full collection of videos.

Creating a job profile

So, you have a person-shaped hole in your team. This video guides you how to make sure your job profile is a good description for the person you need to...

What to look for on a CV

So much information, so little time! How to construct a strong shortlist from all these candidates? This video gives you techniques to make your selection and highlights which elements to...

Structuring the interview

Whether face to face, or over the telephone, this video guides you how to structure your interview so that it’s a good experience all round

Questioning techniques for interviewers

How to give the candidate the best possible opportunity to shine, whilst also getting what you need from the discussion? This video gives you a technique to probe when you...

Who is the best candidate?

And finally, interviews complete – how to make sure the candidate you’re selecting is the best fit for your vacancy? Often described as a ‘head or heart’ decision: This one...

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