Top HR Questions: Neurodiversity at Work

Mel Francis

Neurodiversity at work is a topic growing at an exceptional rate. We’ve invited Mel Francis to answer some of your burning HR queries.

Can I Follow Our Formal Process if Someone is Neurodivergent?

Jen Bazley

If you are having difficulty managing an employee relations case, or want to gain understanding and the confidence in dealing with employee relations issues involving neurodiverse employees, stay tuned. 

Creating a Winning Culture through Neurodiverse Talent

Darren Maw

In this webinar, Prof. Amanda Kirby and Melanie Francis help HR teams recognise how neurodiverse talent contributes to the creation of a winning culture.

How to Win the Race for Neurodiverse Talent

Darren Maw

In this webinar two leading industry experts, Melanie Francis and Prof. Amanda Kirby will be exploring how your organisation can get ahead in the race for talent by making your recruitment practices neuroinclusive.

BIG NEWS! 10to3 Collaborate with Global Leaders in Neurodiversity

Jen Bazley

You are probably already sold on the benefits of Neurodiversity; better productivity, innovation, culture and talent retention, but lots of HR professionals and employers are struggling with how to help […]

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