Is your organisation made up of people who look the same, think the same and have similar backgrounds and belief systems? Then your culture is likely to lack creativity and cognitive, or neuro, diversity. In this webinar, Prof. Amanda Kirby and Melanie Francis help HR teams recognise how neurodiverse talent contributes to the creation of a winning culture.

Mel and Amanda will help employers and HR teams to understand the cultural significance of having truly neurodiverse workforces, and how you can make the most of your current and future talent – and keep them.

You’ll leave with:

    • A practical understanding of communication preferences and styles
    • Knowledge of how to have a culture mix, not a culture fit
    • The steps to take to achieve better teamwork and cohesion

We have teamed up with Professor Amanda Kirby and Melanie Francis of Do It Solutions, to bring you a unique offering to support conversations about Neurodiversity in the Workplace (you can read more about the collaboration here). We are also producing a new suite of 10to3 videos focusing on helping your managers have confidence in conversations about Neurodiversity. You can sign up to be the first to hear about the new videos when they are ready below.

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