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Client Testimonials

We’re proud to partner with large employers to improve their people management skills.
Here’s what they had to say about our videos!

Vauxhall Motors

“The disciplinary suite is great at setting things out logically, makes for better decisions and more robust ones.”

Jason Mackerness, Personnel Manager

Airbus UK

“The great thing about 10to3 is that it is always immediately on hand for our managers. They are short, accessible and provide really clear guidance. Highly recommended!”

Michaela Buchanan, Head of HR, Social Policies and Industrial Relations


“We really like how the 10to3 videos appeal to different learning styles. They are impactful, clear and to the point. As they are so readily to hand they are great support for line managers”

Mark Cashen, European Employee Labour Relations Manager

Liverpool Airport

“They have done a great job in taking complicated issues and making them accessible and doable…perfect for line managers”

Carol Dutton, HR & Community Director

Southern Water

“Fits perfectly into how we currently develop managers and takes our reactive support to the next level”

Alexis Sheftz, Management Development Specialist
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