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We’re proud to partner with large employers to improve their people management skills. Here’s what they had to say about our videos!

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“We have worked with 10to3 on a series of videos relating to HR policies at the MoJ.

The whole experience has been thoroughly enjoyable, we are grateful to the 10to3 team for absolutely nailing each and every policy script. They have produced top quality animations, which our staff relate to and are well used by our managers.

The policy team have loved being involved in the end to end process, from script to the final product. The priority of the 10to3 team was always to understand our messaging and what we wanted to achieve, so at all times it very much felt like ‘our’ content. Their expertise really helped us develop our thinking in how we could deliver our messages and we are really proud of the result! I would highly recommend 10to3!”


Ministry of Justice

“We really like the 10to3 videos. The content is supportive, concise, and cleverly done. They are great assets for time pressured people managers! As the videos are short and focussed, managers can easily access relevant content and get high quality and efficient support at the most appropriate time.

We have also chosen 10to3 to produce content relating to our new people policies, enhancing their impact and efficiently supporting management teams across the Trust. The 10to3 team have been great, they are clearly committed to understanding what we are looking to achieve and working with the HR team to bring our policies to life. Happy to recommend 10to3!”


HR Director – NHS Trust

“As a subject matter expert, I have been impressed with how the team have taken detailed and sometimes technical information and produced short engaging animations that really get the point across.

They really take the time to understand what the important messages and nuances are, and what that means in practice.

And it shows… their ‘first draft’ scripts and ‘first cut’ animations are already really close to the mark! It makes the process painless and enjoyable.

I’m really pleased with the result and very happy to recommend them!”

Prof. Amanda Kirby

CEO Do-IT Solutions

We have a big learning agenda in Severfield. We want to enable our people to be at their best and to do this they need the knowledge, skills and behaviours to fulfil their role. Our collaboration with the team at 10to3 is assisting us to drive a learning culture. Their portfolio of videos brings to life our people processes and breaks them down into the steps and skills to use in a digestible and interesting format. This really works for our managers and employees.

We love their work so much we’ve commissioned a series of bespoke videos that form part of our mandatory elearning series. This is new to our organisation and therefore creating content that engages as well as informs is critical. Working with the 10 to 3 team is easy. They’re work with us, are flexible and open to suggestions. They steer us in the right direction if we’re stuck and make the process fun.

Bev Croft

L&D Manager, Severfield

“The 10to3 videos are a great asset for HR and L&D teams looking to upskill people managers. Having introduced them into various clients from large manufacturers to public sector organisations – I have also found them to be a helpful tool in upskilling HR teams and senior managers too.

They have been used to create impact when launching new ER policies, setting fresh expectations for managers in people meetings and providing ‘just in time’ support. The videos are short, confidence building and to the point. I have found they provide an efficient reach across a large management population in way that is otherwise difficult to achieve. I don’t hesitate to recommend them!”

Patsy Green

Strategic HR Consultant, Interim HRD

“The great thing about 10to3 is that it is always on hand for our managers. They are short, accessible and provide really clear guidance. Highly recommended!”

Michaela Buchanan

Head of HR, Social Policies and Industrial Relations, Airbus UK

“10to3 have customised a whole series of their standard videos for BAE Systems so that they have a much closer look and feel to our culture and working environment.  They therefore land with our managers and feel very intuitive.”

ER Manager

BAE Systems

“The disciplinary suite is great at setting things out logically, makes for better and more robust decisions.”

Jason Mackerness

Personnel Manager, Vauxhall Motors

“We’ve seen great take up from our managers since launching with 10to3 in late 2022. The informative, bite sized videos provide us with crucial detail that we need, right when we need it.”

Training & Development Manager

XPO Logistics

“It was really straightforward to integrate the videos into our LMS and e-learning materials. It’s fantastic to have such great videos exactly where we need them!”

Laura Winstone

Digital Learning Advisor, RSPB

“We really like how the 10to3 videos appeal to different learning styles. They are impactful, clear and to the point. As they are so readily to hand they are great support for line managers”

Mark Cashen

European Employee Labour Relations Manager, Chep

“They have done a great job in taking complicated issues and making them accessible and doable…perfect for line managers”

Carol Dutton

HR & Community Director, Liverpool Airport

“Fits perfectly into how we currently develop managers and takes our reactive support to the next level”

Alexis Sheftz

Management Development Specialist, Southern Water

“10to3 has proven to be a great management tool for the Elkins Construction business. A one stop shop with easy to follow short videos that we use as a reminder of ‘how to do’ in all people management situations. Toolbox talks for management meetings that lead to great discussions on real life people management situations our managers face. As a HR professional it also gives me updates and reminders that are current and up to date – a truly valuable resource to our business”


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