What is 10to3?

Our videos take the fear out of difficult conversations about things like:


& grievances

Planning & conducting



Why choose 10to3?

Because these conversations
are tricky, and important.

See what our clients are saying

How does 10to3 work?

The videos can be used in your management training courses, to bring your policies to life or as a standalone learning resource. Each video concentrates on the conversation that is about to take place, so it gets to the point quickly and clearly. This gives managers clear, practical help that will increase their confidence and their performance.

Here’s an example video:

Where can I access 10to3 videos?

If you are looking for 10to3 for your organisation, the most popular ways to access our videos are:

Bespoke Website

Via a bespoke website (don’t worry, we’ll build it for you!)

Learning Management System

By embedding the videos into your Learning Management System

HR policies

By embedding the videos within your HR policies

Who are the team at 10to3?

We are a team of employment lawyers and training professionals by trade. You can meet the team via our LinkedIn profiles here – we’d love to connect with you!

Darren Maw

Managing Director

Don‘t ask him about appearing on Corrie. Trust us.

Vicky Roberts

Director of Learning

If you stand still, she‘ll draw you.

Jen Bazley

Digital Content Manager

Likes watching netball from the middle of the court.

Chris Riddell

Client Care & Office Manager

Hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in 5 years.

When can I get started with 10to3?

If you are looking to access 10to3 for your organisation, please get in touch to arrange a trial. Or you can book a live demo at one of our sessions here.

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