Improving and Managing Performance

A suite of short videos to guide managers through the key steps.


Continuous development conversations

Short term development goals are key tools to motivate and engage your team. This video gives you a guide how to set them.

Setting objectives: When and why?

This video gives you ideas for objectives that will make sure they continue to be relevant all the way through the year.

Making your objective S.M.A.R.T

This video helps you to write a great quality objective that stands up to S.M.A.R.T’s scrutiny!

Reviewing performance against an objective

This video gives you guidance how to assess performance against the objective you set for your team member earlier in the year.

Deciding a performance rating for a member of your team

How to select a performance rating from the range that’s available to you? This video helps you reach your decision in a way that you can be confident was objective...

Great quality feedback

Feedback is key to good quality performance management. What makes it great quality? Feedback that’s detailed and constructive. This video gives you a structure to achieve exactly that.

The performance management journey

This video gives you a structure to how you manage your team member’s performance. Complete each step on the journey each time you set an action plan; and at each...

Identifying and describing the performance gap

The first stop on the journey: This video helps you to be specific about the difference between the expected level of performance and what your team member is currently delivering.

Diagnosing the cause of a performance gap

Once you’re clear what the gap is, diagnosing what’s causing it is the secret to an effective action plan. This video walks through things to take in to account to...

Identifying the support needed to close the gap

Now you’ve diagnosed the cause, what steps are needed to address it? This video guides your decision-making on what actions are needed for the action plan.

Creating an action plan

Or PIP or development plan: This video identifies what needs to go into the plan – capturing all the thinking that’s been done on each step of the performance management...

Making the decision to begin the formal performance management process

This feels like a big step, but this video gives guidance of what to look out for that means ‘going formal’ is the appropriate and fair thing to do.

Constructing the invite letter to a formal performance management meeting

More than a mere formality, the invite letter sets the tone of the performance management at the formal stage: This video walks you through all that needs to go into...

Planning your formal performance management meeting

This video gives you a plan of what to cover ‘on the day’ and how to do it.

Who can be a companion in a formal hearing?

Who might be turning up with the employee?

The role of a companion in a formal hearing

What can they do? And how do you keep them on track?

Deciding whether to give a performance management warning

A hallmark of the formal procedure is the potential that the employee receives a warning about their level of performance: This video walks through the things to consider when deciding...

Constructing the outcome of the performance management hearing you have chaired

This video walks through all that needs to go into the outcome letter to complete the process.

Is dismissal for underperformance the right thing to do?

The management of a team member’s performance has reached the final stage of your formal procedure. Is ending their employment the fair and reasonable thing to do? This video guides...

Constructing the letter to confirm a dismissal due to incapability

If you have decided that dismissal was the fair and reasonable outcome, this video explains the information that’s needed in the important letter that completes the process.

You are chairing a performance management appeal - what’s your job?

Do you review the decision made by your colleague, or re-hear the case afresh? This video helps you to decide.

Planning your performance management appeal hearing

This video gives you a walk-through of the things to cover ‘on the day’.

Who can be a companion in a formal hearing?

Who might be turning up with the employee?

The role of a companion in a formal hearing

What can they do? And how do you keep them on track?

Making your decision and communicating the outcome

What to take into account to make sure the sanction you select is reasonable and fair.

The employment law framework

This video gives you an overview of the framework you’re working within when you’re managing your team

The ACAS Code of Practice

This video tells you about the mindset you need when you’re managing performance, conduct, attendance or grievances.

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