Creating a positive mental health and wellbeing culture in your workplace unlocks your teams potential in so many ways that we know you are already well versed in. A powerful framework for achieving this is by integrating the Five Ways to Wellbeing into your people management strategy.

By aligning your management approach with these evidence-based principles, you can foster a workplace culture that promotes mental health, enhances productivity, and nurtures a happier, more engaged workforce.

Our friends at Vista have been working on a new practical guide to how you can translate the Five Ways to Wellbeing into effective people management practices. Take a look at the content here.

Our favourite tips?

  • Do remind managers of the importance of making their team a priority by having regular one-to-ones and giving constructive feedback
  • Don’t be defeatist! Wellbeing doesn’t always mean we have to run marathons or hit the gym.
  • Don’t restrict feedback; PDRs and conversations relating to personal development should never be restricted to annual meetings but should be part of a regular flow of dialogue.
  • Don’t think this is some new age guru nonsense! There is a substantial amount of scientific evidence to demonstrate the tangible benefits of ‘taking notice’.

If improving your positive mental health and wellbeing culture is on your 2024 agenda, stay tuned for mental health related 10to3 videos soon.

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