Giving your managers an understanding of the overall context of a performance improvement plan is a surefire way to support them (and their teams) in achieving their performance management goals.

In this webinar we are going to take a deeper dive into one of our most popular 10to3 videos ‘the performance management journey’. We’ll take the video and apply it to the thorny issue of managing an employee with an attitude problem – looking at the specific challenges this presents for HR professionals and managers.

The session is hosted by Darren Maw and Vicky Roberts – the brains behind the 10to3 videos. It’s 20 minutes well spent if you are looking for ways to improve a performance improvement plan for your managers.

See if you can also spot our favourite voice over moment from the entire 10to3 collection!


Our performance management training builds managers confidence in dealing with your entire performance management process. Working to the most demanding KPI’s you can think of, the animated contingent of 10to3’s team will take your managers step by step through the process from setting objectives to creating a 5* performance improvement plan.

Take a look at some examples of our performance management videos here, or you can request a free trial here for access to the full collection of videos.

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