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Welcome Back

Help your managers to flex their people management muscles in the right way post-lockdown.


Welcome back to work

This video looks to turn the return to work discussion into a conversation rather than a form-filling exercise.

Keeping in touch

This video guides you how to establish and maintain contact when a member of your team’s absence is becoming prolonged.

When to call on OH for advice

This video gives you guidance about the circumstances that might call for a referral to Occupational Health.

How to call on OH for advice

This video helps you to construct a good quality referral.

Your right to manage

How to manage behaviour in your team informally and effectively.

A step by step guide to a formal disciplinary procedure – and when to use it

This video gives you an overview of what to expect at each stage.

Do I deal with this grievance formally or informally?

In this video we explore the options available when a grievance is raised. We take a look what ‘going formal’ looks like – a sort of step by step guide.

Continuous development conversations

Short term development goals are key tools to motivate and engage your team. This video gives you a guide how to set them.

Great quality feedback

Feedback is key to good quality performance management. What makes it great quality? Feedback that’s detailed and constructive. This video gives you a structure to achieve exactly that.

Does a respectful workplace mean we can’t have fun any more?

A respectful workplace does not mean there’s no place for humour. This video explains why!

That’s not okay

Or ‘no’ or ‘I don’t agree’. How to minimise the negative reaction to this sort of message? This video walks you through a technique.

Constructive questions

Your team member has a problem with their work. The temptation is to dive in and sort it for them. This video helps you to support them, but keep the ownership of dealing with it in the right place (that’s with them).

Are you okay?

You can tell your team member is not themselves. They’re likely to shut you down if you ask if they’re okay. This video gives you a different way to do it.

‘I’ve got stuff going on at home’

How to tread the right line in supporting a team member when ‘outside work’ starts having an effect on ‘in work’. This video gives you guidance on how to do it.

Suspending an employee

If something serious happens – what do you do? This video covers whether to, and how to, suspend an employee.

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