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Upbeat animated training videos to build confidence for HR meetings

Created by employment lawyers and training professionals.

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We help HR…

by providing on tap resources to help you equip your business with strong and consistent people management skills. Our short animated videos are designed to be watched just before a people management meeting or worked into your own learning and coaching resources.

Each suite is designed to be watched one HR step at time, so they are quick, focussed and impactful – always dealing with the what, the why and the how. They will support the application of your HR/ER policies and mean that HR can provide support even when you can’t be in the room!

We help line managers…

by applying all our experience of ‘what goes wrong’ to make sure it goes right. The tone and short duration enables them to be on hand a just the right time, becoming part of the standard prep for employee management meeting. And the easy and friendly approach means that accessing them again and again will be a great experience.

It is cleverly designed to work as a ‘people management skills boot camp’ for the beginners or a fine tune for the experts. Either way, a manager will feel better going into the meeting, and feel better about how it went.

Our Training Suites

We have over 70 videos which follow the stages of the principal ER/HR procedures.
Attendance Management

A series of short videos that provides managers with the knowledge and skills they need to improve attendance and deal with prolonged absence due to longer-term ill health.

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Disciplinary Management

Micro-learning videos that give managers exactly what they need at each stage of investigating a misconduct allegation or managing a disciplinary.

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Grievance Management

Short videos that give managers exactly what they need to investigate, and manage, an employee’s grievance.

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Performance Management

Short, snappy micro-learning videos that give managers exactly what they need when managing a team member’s performance.

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Investigation Management

Short micro-learning videos that give managers exactly what they need when managing an investigation.

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Recruiting The Right People

A suite of short videos giving you techniques to use to make great quality recruitment decisions as you follow your organisation’s recruitment process.

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Managing Change

A suite of short videos to guide managers, reps and all employees through a period of change.

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Cracking the Difficult Conversations

A series of videos to support managers to deal with the ‘tough bits’ of people management with confidence.

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Hybrid Working

A series of videos to give techniques to managers who are managing a geographically disbursed team.

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Our Clients

We’re proud to partner with large employers to improve their people management skills.
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